Our Shop: The Story

So, it’s been just over a month since we moved to our lovely little shop in the heart of Eynsham. If you had told me a year ago, I would be sat at my desk in my own dream shop working every day with Olly (my husband) I don’t think I’d have believed you. I can’t quite believe that we’re here and I’m so filled with gratitude that this is what I get to do every day. It wouldn’t be a possibility without the loyal support of so many amazing customers, I feel so lucky to have met so many wonderful people along this journey.

If you’ve been following us for a while you probably know the story of how I started Jessie’s Art Shed in my parent’s shed/garage in Standlake (hence the name) in November 2015. It started off with me simply running after school lessons for children and occasional holiday workshops. Gradually things began to grow. I started offering parties, ran more workshops, introduced adult lessons and employed staff to run lessons in schools and it was at this point 3 years in that I knew it was time to move out of the shed because we had completely out grown the space. This was the biggest leap of faith I had ever made.

My friend Lewis had always dreamed of opening a cafe and so we decided we would take on this venture together. So we shop hunted for a while until we found the perfect location in Eynsham. It was at this point that Olly quit his job working in IT to join us with this exciting next step. We loved the space that we had in the cafe but 6 months in we were busier than we could ever have expected and so was the cafe, so when the opportunity of a shop 2 doors down came up we got pretty excited. It again felt like a giant step, but a step I knew we had to take.

When I walked into the shop it was a complete blank canvas, high ceiling, white walls, perfect. I could picture exactly how I wanted the space to look and feel. I knew it was going to be tough because it was such a big step but I just couldn’t say no! We gave ourself 2 weeks to decorate, build, paint, move and set up and then on Saturday 15th June 2019 we opened our doors for the first time.

I had wanted to create a space to escape from the world and create, a space for parents to relax whilst their children got messy and explored their imagination, a place for children and adults to learn new skills or revisit old ones, a sanctuary of calm and creativity that was completely accessible for all.

So if you haven’t seen it already, here are some photos of our special shop from the very first day of decorating to now. We’ve poured everything into this place and I know I said it before but I feel so incredibly lucky to have this space and to get to do this every day.

Thank you for being part of our journey.


The Setup

We spent the first few days of setup out and about buying all the things we needed. Ikea, Home Sense and the Hardware Shop swiftly became our best friends and I even spent my birthday choosing taps and door handles, living the dream!


The Lights

The lights were the hardest choice we had to make. The shop has such lovely high ceiling so we knew we wanted the lights to be quite a statement. So after lots of searching and changing our minds again and again we finally found these beauties!



One of the main things I had wanted when I saw the space for the first time was a beautiful wooden ladder shelf. I searched around for a long time and just couldn’t find anything big enough or that I liked enough, so we decided to get a carpenter in and I’m so glad we did. He did such a fantastic job and truly brought my visions to life.


From the Outside In

Due to our shop being on a corner it meant that we effectively had three shop windows that needed utilising. We have the front window that faces onto the main road, then the back window onto a quiet side road and finally the front door at the side of the building.


An Overview of The Inside


The Creative Space

This is where all the creating goes down. From workshops to lessons or just drop in sessions this truly is a very well loved set of tables and chairs.


Waiting/Meeting Area

This area was designed with parents in mind. We wanted it to be comfortable and inviting, a place for people to relax and enjoy a coffee whilst their children create! It’s also where we have meetings with artists about running workshops and where I meet photography clients too.


The Bathroom

Probably seems strange that I’m sharing a photo of our bathroom, but as weird as it may sound we really love what we did with this space. We wanted it to have a luxury, clean feel and people often comment on how lovely it is.


Art Boxes Display

This is where our ladder shelf came to life, it makes the best display for all our art boxes!


Art Pick ‘n’ Mix Area/Shop

I love our pick ‘n’ mix display, it’s become the place where children come to spend their pocket money or parents build a box for presents. Along with this the shelves are perfect for stocking our other lovely products for people to browse.


Tea and Coffee Station

Tea and coffee in my opinion make the perfect addition to a creative session! I fell in love with these mugs as soon as I saw them and decided they were worth a bit of a splurge.

97D07C16-8B61-4304-8E3A-001E3DDD35A7 2.jpg

All The Details


People and Products

We have had lots of questions about where we bought things from and who did things for us. So here are some of the people and places that we recommend/have been asked about a lot.

Carpenter - Lee Westlake

Signs - Witney Signs

Radio - John Lewis

Lights - Witney Lighting

Macramé In Bathroom - Macramaybury

Silvermoon Wood Paintings on Wall - Nats Watts

Lanterns in Window - John Lewis